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-> Oct 3, 2014
GlobalSat ND-105C Mirco-USB GPS for Android phones & tablets.
-> Sept 3, 2014
The new Canmore GT-750F(L) Sirf 4 bluetooth/usb GPS Receiver/Data logger - Ultra low power consumption, Ultra low price. Click here
for detail.
->  Aug 3, 2014
New cameras added into Columbus nGPS compatible list - Click here for detail.
->  June 24, 2014
i-gotU Jump Footpod, POD-30, Bluetooth® Smart wearable sensor to track your jump height, jump count, jump intensity, airborne time,
steps count, and distance (For Android)  - $49.95 - Click
here for detail.
->  March 14, 2014
World's First GPS Based Fuel Economy Driving Assistant Device - Qstarz EC-Q1600  - C$149.95
->  March 7, 2014
Introduce 2 Low Price, High quality GPS.
Canmore GP-102+ (14 features in 1, World's smallest GPS Barometric Altimeter) - C$69.95
Canmore GT-730F(G) Dual system (GPS + GLONASS) usb GPS receiver - C$39.95
->  March 2, 2014
We simplified wholesale processing. Combined B2B & B2C Ecommerce sites into a single website -
Wholesale customer can retrieve volume discount coupon from here . No need to talk to a representative.
->  Feb 25, 2014
Holux M-215+. GPS + Glonass Dual System GPS Receiver. 66 Parallel searching channels, 22 tracking channels. Best Performance GPS
Receiver in the Market.
->  Jan 24, 2014
A lots of fun this winter. With Qstarz BT-Q1300ST Ski GPS logger.
->  Nov 22, 2013
Holux M-215plus GPS / Glonass USB Receiver - (66 channels, -165dBm; Connect up to 24 more satellites than GPS alone system,
Excellent for Urban Canyon Environments)
->  Oct 6, 2013
We have mounts for iphone 5C & 5S; Galaxy S4 & Note 3.
I believe we carry the most mount kits in Canada.
->  Aug 25, 2013
Holux FunTrek 132 can run LK8000 software. LK8000 supports glider, paraglider and hand glider pilots.
->  Aug 25, 2013
The latest Holux GPS logger / bluetooth GPS - RCV-3000
->  Aug 6, 2013
We carry 1000+ kinds of mount kit.
If you find anyone else in Canada have more mount kits than us, please let us know.
->  July 11, 2013
Which GPS logger has the longest battery runtime? The answer is
Canmore GT-740FL
->  June 29, 2013
Finally, we have mounting solutions for Galaxy S4, Note II & ipad-mini.
->  June 29, 2013
Holux FunTrek 132 in stock now.
->  June 9, 2013
We created a diagram to explain our bulk order / wholesale flow which can help you to understand our process. Doing business with us is
so easy.
->  May 12, 2013
We are Bike Computers center. No one carry more Bike Computers than us in Canada.
->  May 2, 2013
I-gotU HRM-10 Heart Rate Monitor - the hottest product this year.
-> April 17, 2013
Best Deal of the month - Canmore GP-101. high-end Bike computer / GPS logger. Only $59.
-> April 15, 2013
By adding Glonass (Russian Satellites System), Canmore GT-730F(G) GPS is excellent for Urban Canyon Environments.
-> April 13, 2013
Connect up to 24 more satellites than GPS alone system. - Canmore GT-730F(G) GPS + Glonass receiver - $49.95
-> June 25, 2016
Columbus V-1000 GPS, Barometric, Altitude, Speed & Temperature Data Logger. High quality low price data logger. Windows, Mac & Linux
compatible. C$129.00
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-> Jan 2, 2015
Record your skiing nerver this easy!  Qstarz BT-Q1300ST Ski GPS Logger - C$124.95.
-> Feb 16, 2015
Up to 3 years standby time. TK110 GPS tracker is the world most long last  battery powered real time GPS tracker. (C$199.95 Only)
->July 4, 2015
Last 10 years, the GPS loggers we were selling.
-> Aug 15, 2015
Run on AA battery, with LCD display. Holux M-241 Bluetooth GPS data logger.
-> Oct 3, 2015
The manufactures confirmed the below GPS are Windows 10 compatible.
Holux M-215+, Qstarz BT-Q818XT, Qstarz BT-Q1000XT, Qstarz BT-Q1000XTM, Qstarz BT-Q1000eX, BT-Q1300ST, GlobalSat BU-353-S4 &
GlobalSat ND-105C.
-> Nov 7, 2015
Canmore GT-730F GNSS Receiver (u-blox M8 engine, capable of Acquiring and tracking 72 satellites simultaneously from
GPS/GLONASS/QZSS/BeiDou Navigation Satellites)
-> Nov 6, 2015
Canmore TW-103 Sport/Triathlon Training Watch (GPS, Bluetooth V4.0, 30M watherproof, PC & IOS software). An alternate choice for
Garmin 920XT triathlete watch
-> Feb 12, 2016
Holux GPSport245+ GPS logger, Bike computer, IPX6 water proof.
-> Dec 23, 2016
Q. Why CanadaGPS does not have "boxing day sales"?
A.  To be fair and simple, the prices listed in our website are already the lowest we can offer. No more margin for future discount.
It is not necessary to have promotion events such as "Black Friday" or "Boxing day".