Mapopolis Navigator for Pocket PC / SmartPhone (Western Europe Coverage)(Download version)
Mapopolis Navigator quickly generates routes and displays step-by-step instructions in a window beneath the map view. When used with Navigator maps and connected to a GPS device, it dynamically generates spoken and visual prompts before each turn and automatically re-routes if a turn is missed. The program provides menus and written directions in English, UK English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish. Male and female default voices are included for most languages. The pSpeak text-to-speech option that reads out the turn street names is also available for the English language. Please note that customers may create custom voice files for their own use or to share with other Mapopolis users with the free Mapopolis Talkedit program.
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Compatible List:
(Compatible with Pocket PC 2002 or later & Windows
Mobile 5 )
Support Contacts
Email support:
Western Europe including:
- Belgium
- Denamrk
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Great Britian
- Ireland
- Italy
- Norway
- Scotland
- Spain
- Sweden  
Manuals & Specs
Mapopolis Navigator for Pocket PC manual

Mapopolis Navigator for Smartphone manual

- Dynamically updated GPS location display

- Voice prompt before each turn (including street name pronunciation)

- Automatic re-route

- Quickly generate driving directions between any two addresses

- Displays streets with addresses

- Displays water, facility, and green polygon areas

- Includes points-of-interest such as restaurants, ATMs, gas stations, airports & hospitals

- Easy map scroll, pan and zoom

- Search for street, address, intersection, POI, or Address Book entry

- Favorites and user-added landmarks

- Customizable map display & font
Screen Shoots

My PDA is also a phone. How do I tell if it's a Pocket PC or a Windows Mobile Smartphone?

If the device has a stylus and a touch screen, it's a Pocket PC. If there is no stylus or touch screen, the device is a
Windows Mobile Smartphone.

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